Our Team

Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Art of Pilates has some of the best instructors on the Lower North Shore! With various backgrounds and styles, we all offer something exciting and unique for everyone. All of our instructors at Art of Pilates teach with a contemporary approach but are also trained in the classic Pilates method. Some of our clients work with multiple instructors each week, giving them variety in their Pilates sessions. We encourage this idea so that you are constantly challenged in new ways. We have a close knit team and a strong communication style to ensure your Pilates needs are always looked after. Meet our instructors below!

Leighana Thornton

"I really like the small classes and the friendly environment at Art of Pilates. I'm not an athlete and have never done much in the way of exercise, but Belinda and her team helped make getting started much less intimidating. The personalised programs are great, and after a few months I'm feeling much stronger and I'm enjoying it!"