Pacho Ayaso

Pacho Ayaso
Pilates Instructor

Pacho has always been passionate about the human potential and he has explored this through various aspects such as sports, dance, and pyschology. He discovered Pilates as part of his professional dance training in London and he could see the connections it had with his main interests which were movement, body and mind. 

Intrigued by the insights he found in those early Pilates classes, in 2002 he became a Pilates teacher with the Pilates Foundation UK. After teaching for a few years with different populations in London, he decided to move back to Spain where he opened his own Pilates studio and  there was a teacher of Pilates for 13 years.

Pacho’s experience is broad after working with people from various medical conditions and injuries to athletes wanting to improve their sports performance. After 17 years of teaching Pilates Pacho's aim in his classes remains constant and that is to make people more aware of their own bodies and to improve and develop their movement capabilities.

Wanting a new challenge, Pacho moved to Australia to discover a country and a culture that has always fascinated him. Following his motto to never stop learning!

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