Saniya Karimova

Saniya Karimova
Pilates Instructor

Originally from Kazakhstan, a former Latin dancer and movement enthusiast, Saniya Karimova started her career as a Pilates Instructor in Singapore in 2012. She received her Pilates certification from the world wide popular Polestar Pilates method. Since then she has been working in Singapore using the wide variety of Pilates equipment to keep her clients in peak condition.

In 2015 Saniya moved to Myanmar where she was one of very few Pilates Instructors.  She was able to share her passion for movement with her clients and created a big Pilates following.

Saniya is also certified in Yoga and Barre and likes to combine movements from different methods to teach her clients how to move effectively and efficiently to feel more energy and restore their physical vitality.

She is a strong believer in the harmony of the body, mind and soul. Her love for Pilates stems from the constant pursuit of that equilibrium. As a Pilates Instructor, Saniya enjoys creating strong bonds with her clients and working with them closely to always ensure their Pilates classes are always customised around their goals, their posture, injuries and objectives.

"Satisfaction not only comes from seeing people achieve their fitness goals but also from the knowledge beyond the Pilates Studio – whether it is the simple act of picking up a fallen object from the ground or lifting a heavy pack up the mountains” says Saniya. 

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